Hey, New Shiny

Sometimes, you just don't want to wait for the latest/greatest features AND you want to have the convenience that ChefDK provides (without having to figure out bundler).

For example, while I'm happily writing code with the current (as of this post) ChefDK 0.11.2, a newer version of Test-Kitchen has shipped which has a bunch of bugfixes and now supports cross-platform negotiate authentication.

If we weren't talking about ChefDK and just had a more vanilla Ruby environment, we could just gem install test-kitchen and be done with it.

ChefDK, however, use a pattern that can help accelerate the applications and ensure that they are called with the expected dependencies - using a tool called appbundler.

Enter - Appbundle-Updater

The appbundled bits in ChefDK make it a bit trickier to update versions, so there is a companion tool - appbundle-updater.

So, to update test-kitchen, from my PowerShell prompt:

(If I'm using chef shell-init)

gem install appbundle-updater
appbundle-updater chefdk test-kitchen v1.6.0

(If I'm not)

chef gem install appbundle-updater
chef exec appbundle-updater chefdk test-kitchen v1.6.0

That'll get you using the latest test-kitchen bits (again, versions are as of the publish date).

Happy testing!

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