Steven Murawski is a Principal Cloud Advocate focused on Cloud Native solutions with a special interest in server-side WebAssembly workloads.

Steven’s background is in DevOps, Site Reliability Engineering, and other modern operational concepts. Steven is a founding member of the League of Extraordinary Cloud DevOps Advocates). Steven has worked on both the Dev and Ops sides of the house, most recently as a Principal Engineer at Chef, building tools for operating applications and infrastructure at scale and velocity.

Steven followed the traditional path to IT. For 8 years he owned a garden center, flower shop and landscape business. From there, Steven went back to school for Police Science, while working as a police clerk, dispatcher, and auxiliary officer. At the police department, Steven got into IT by helping to administer the domain and applications, as well as supporting investigations via forensicly examining electronic media and providing technical support.

After moving into a formal IT support role at the police department, Steven took a role at a public safety software company as Director of Research and Development. There Steven built integrations in C# with WCF and other .NET based technologies, helped customers build high performance .NET and SQL Server based environments and helped municipal and county law enforcement streamline IT operations.

Steven returned to systems administration after a few years and worked at a dynamic data services organization which supported high performance SQL Server and .NET workloads. While there, Steven participated in a number of early adopter programs, including the Windows Server 2012 early adoption program.

Steven spent about two years as a Site Reliability Engineer at Stack Overflow. There he worked with the awesome SRE and development teams to increase the velocity and stability of changes into the Windows infrastructure. At Stack Overflow, Steven implemented the first production deployment of Windows PowerShell Desired State Configuration, cementing his desire to move into the configuration management space.

Most recently, Steven was a Prinicipal Engineer at Chef and worked on the Community Engineering team. He helped foster new contributions and contributors to open source projects in the Chef space, as well as contributing to those projects himself. Steven also worked with the community and customers, answering questions, offering architectual and process advice, and helping move people down the DevOps path.

Steven was a Micrososoft MVP in Cloud and Datacenter Management (previously PowerShell) from January 2012 through June 2017, when he started work at Microsoft as a Cloud Developer Advocate.