After a fun weekend of DDOS attacks at work, we've kicked off a flurry of activity to help mitigate the impact for our users.

So, in lieu of a thought-provoking blog post (I've got more on comments coming..), I'm going to share some of my favorite reads.

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  <a href="" target="new" class="product-title title">Release It!: Design and Deploy Production-Ready Software (Pragmatic Programmers)</a>

  <div class="product-author author">By Michael T. Nygard</div>


A must-read for any operations personnel.  Covers patterns and anti-patterns for resilient software designed for operations.  Though the book is focused for a developer audience, it is ideal for all operations personnel.

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  <a href="" target="new" class="product-title title">Debug It!: Find, Repair, and Prevent Bugs in Your Code (Pragmatic Programmers)</a>

  <div class="product-author author">By Paul Butcher</div>


Another book targeted for developers, but an excellent resource for scripters.  Additionally many of the techniques can be used for generalized troubleshooting.



Want more great reading? Check out my reading list!