Starting off quickly!

My 2017 started off pretty well, with re-award of my Microsoft MVP status in Cloud and Datacenter Management.

MVP 2017 - Cloud and Datacenter Management

That was followed up by a week in Seattle with a few hundred of my fellow Chef employees for our year kick off meeting.

More Habitat and Rust

I’ve been working mostly on our Habitat project since mid-August. Habitat is mostly written in Rust and has been a great experience.

Chef 13 is Coming

For Chef Client, we’re moving to a yearly cadence for major releases (with continued minor version bumps every month). This April will be the release of Chef 13, which is really exciting times!

Conferences and Travel

I’ve got a few conferences and events locked in for this year, and a few that I hope to be at. The locked in events for this spring are:

PowerShell and DevOps Summit - April 9-12 - Bellevue, WA

This year at the PowerShell Summit, we’ll have two rooms where you can get expert feedback or help.

Kirk Munro will be hosting a “Function Lab” and I will be hosting a “DSC Lab”. If you are planning to demo something for the Community Lightning Demos, these labs will be a great resource if you have some last minute questions or want a bit of peer review.

ChefConf - May 22-24 - Austin TX

I’ll be running a workshop on Monday, May 22nd on “Making Windows Work For You”.

I do have to leave ChefConf early for…

IT Transformation / DevIntersection - May 21-24

I’ll be speaking about Continuous Delivery of Infrastructure with Chef and DSC, as well as Application Automation with Habitat there.

You can use the discount code “MURAWSKI” and get $50 off registration.