The Short Version

chef gem install kitchen-dsc kitchen-pester kitchen-hyperv

  • Change your directory to one with either a DSC configuration script or a PowerShell module with DSC resources.
  • Put a .kitchen.yml document in your working directory (like this example)
  • Type

kitchen list


The .kitchen.yml example expects that you’ll be using a local Hyper-V instance and that you have a base virtual machine image to work from.

It expects that you’ll be in the root directory of a PowerShell module with DSC resources (class-based or traditional).

It expects that you’ll have an Examples folder with a script called dsc_configurations.ps1 that will have a configuration named Default.

It expects any Pester tests you want to run will be in ./tests/integration/default/pester.

All of those things are customizable.

Additional documentation

My talk for the Mississippi PowerShell User Group on DSC and Test-Kitchen

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Example project - xWebAdministration