I had so much fun yesterday. Aramis Captain Morgan Jason Helmick and I taught a DSC crash course to a pretty packed room for the PowerShell and DevOps Global Summit 2016 Pre-Con. It was a blast. Jason is AWESOME and brings a boatload of personal experience to the party. Between us, we had a pretty good view of what was working and what wasn’t in the DSC ecosystem.

It Gets Better

And the audience/students/attendees were even BETTER. We had some great probing and challenging questions, as well as feedback from their personal experiences.

The Demos

You can find the (demos and notes on PowerShell.Org’s GitHub repository](


The rest of the PowerShell Summit kicks off today and it’s going to be a fun week. Watch for the content coming out of Michael Greene’s session on the Release Pipeline Model. For those of us working on configuration management, that concept is going to be on of the most critical things to tackle.