“Float Like a Butterfly, Sting Like a Bee”

There is never a great “hunker down on this version” story in IT.

Steady, Steady…

Stability of an operating system is an illusion. Stability assumes that the environment that interacts with that operating system also stays stagnant.

Change is coming

That is not the case. All the latest buzzwords are changing the dynamics of our server deployments.

  • Are you “cloud ready”?
  • Can you handle “BYOD”?
  • What will you say when your CIO/CTO starts chanting “Docker, docker, docker”?
  • When the call for configuration management and “doing the devops” comes down - do you know what is running on your systems?

Are you READY?

Are you raising your operational maturity so you can:

  • Deploy operating systems to new environments on demand?
  • Aggregate your logs centrally?
  • Reduce interactive sessions on individual servers?
  • Use version control to synchronize your team on the latest scripts and configuration files?
  • Get out of the freakin’ GUIs and use the command line?

These are some of the basic abilities you and your teams will need to be able to scale and move fast enough that you control the pace of change for your organization.

It’s only when you can move faster than the requested/required rate of change that you are in control of those moves.

Don’t let circumstance be the forcing factor in your environment.