Come join me next week in LA for the Chef Windows Fundamentals class!  Use the promo code DAILYSPECIAL for 10% off the cost. 

Two day course agenda:

  • Overview of Chef
  • Workstation setup
  • Bootstrapping your first node
  • Dissecting your first Chef run
  • Introducing the node object
  • Using Chef resources to build your first cookbook
  • Using node and cookbook attributes and templates to make your recipes dynamic
  • Adding cookbook dependencies to leverage existing functionality
  • Experimenting with template variables, notifications, and controlling idempotency
  • Using recipe inclusion to keep your recipes easy to read and manage
  • Bringing server-side resources into your recipes with data bags and search
  • Defining roles to group similar functionality
  • Defining environments to use the same structural configuration across operational environments (like development, Q/A, and production)
  • Using Chef Supermarket and community cookbooks
  • Resources to further your exploration of Chef

More details and registration link on the Chef Events page.