First up - on December 9th and 10th

I’m working with Jessica DeVita, Dominica DeGrandis, and J. Paul Reed to help put on a two day event in Los Angeles designed to help you level up your operations game.  

This is training that would normally run over a $1000 - and you can go for $100 - with all the proceeds going to Girls Who Code, which is a national nonprofit working to close the gender gap in technology and engineering.


Ask any Operations team what the boss complains about and you’ll likely hear, “Things take too long and there is no visibility as to why.”  Come discover how to improve visibility on work and speed up the delivery pipeline. This 2-day workshop on Kanban and Declarative Configuration Management with DSC and Chef provides learning on two essential Devops aspects - culture and tools.

Who should attend:

Beginners and anyone who wants to become more familiar with Kanban for IT Ops and implementing DSC.


9:00 am Registration and CoffeeOps

9:30 am Workshop begins

Day 1 Kanban for Devops (9:30 - 5:00 pm) with Dominica DeGrandis (@dominicad) & J. Paul Reed (@soberbuildengineer)

Come play the Kanban for Devops board game simulation. Discover how to increase visibility across teams to reveal mutually critical information, how to deliver things faster and how to obtain and present the five metrics that matter for getting buy-in from the boss.


Day 2 - Declarative Configuration Management for Windows server  (9:30 - 5:00 pm) with Steven Murawski (@StevenMurawski) 

Join Steven for a day long  deep dive into declarative configuration management.  We’ll explore why declarative configuration management is such an important tool in today’s IT environment.  We’ll examine the components of PowerShell Desired State Configuration (DSC), which is the in-box configuration management engine shipping with Windows Server.  And finally, we’ll see how Chef can help you build on your DSC efforts to create an end-to-end pipeline for managing your infrastructure. (NOTE: If you want to follow along, bring a laptop with Windows Management Framework 4 or newer or that has a VM that has Windows Management Framework 4 or newer.)

And if that’s not enough - on December 11th and 12th

I’ll be leading a two day Chef Fundamentals class focused on managing Windows Server. 

So come out and join us - it’ll be a great week!