Interesting twitter conversation between Jeffrey Snover and several others on Twitter about the recent Cloud Platform System (CPS) announced in conjunction with Dell.  


Companies are trying to implement private clouds (and failing).  

Isn’t a private cloud just your own data center with some virtualization tossed in?  Nope!  There is a level of automation and standardization of offerings to the consumers of your private cloud resources.  Networking, storage, and compute all become part of the offering that is surfaced to internal consumers.

Does the Microsoft CPS really get me Azure locally? Not really.  Close, though.  Much of the experience is similar, but Azure has other service offerings and the portal gets updated more frequently than the Azure Pack portal.

Does the Microsoft CPS really get me a private cloud? Again, not quite, but close.  All the basic tools are there, as well as the hardware elements.  You still have to have operations folks who can deliver and operate the service and tools provided.  System Center isn’t a “fire and forget” installation.

Does private cloud mean I can fire my ops folks?  Just the ones that can’t automate their environment.  CPS and most private cloud efforts don’t even scratch the surface of configuration management for the guest machines.  

$MyCompany won’t go down the private cloud route, so I don’t have to care.  Until they do.. then will your skillset be up to the task?  As Adam states below, there is a comfort factor in doing things the old way, but how many of your organizations still barter for livestock?  In business things change…

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Snippets of the  thread.. They start with the first one below and then diverge as the conversation travels