Yep, you read that right.. Due to the magic of timezones, this evening (8/1/2014) at 8:30 PM Eastern, I’ll be giving a talk for the Singapore PowerShell Users Group PowerBreakfast series.  This talk will be recorded (see below for details on where to find this talk and previous ones in the series).

The Talk

Desired State Configuration in the Real World

Desired State Configuration (DSC) is getting a lot of attention these days and there are examples abound. In this session, Steven will highlight some of his experiences in getting DSC to scale.  We’ll focus on how to separate configuration structure from environmental data, and see what tools are available from the DSC Community repository to help with this.

And of course, I’m sure the Chef and DSC integration will come up a bit. :)  So tune in live via Lync or watch for the recording.

More Information and to Register

Register at Eventbrite and find the recording (eventually) and previous PowerBreakfast talks here.