They hear:

  • Devs getting root or administrator rights on production machines.
  • No control over application deployment.
  • Moving to “the cloud”.
  • “Shoot from the hip” administration - where things are always changing.
  • Configuration management tooling.
  • Automate all the things!


What they should be hearing:

  • Getting to know your developers and other business folk.
  • Understanding the whole system, not just your little corner of the world.
  • Sharing ideas internally and externally.
  • Automate the pain in the whole system.  
  • Change process to improve the flow from the business out to the customer.


DevOps has become quite a loaded term, filled with strong feelings on a number of sides.   When you hear “DevOps”, take a breath read this post or this one or this one

Another great resource is the latest Arrested DevOps podcast about DevOps mythbusting.