I’m doing a hands on, full day class on DSC at the Cascadia IT Conference in Seattle on March  7th (and on March 8th I’ll be teaching a PowerShell Fundamentals half day class and another half day class on Failover Clustering).

Early bird registration ends on February 17th, so sign up now!

What Else Is There?

Other training sessions you might find interesting are:

  • Team Time Management and Evil Genius 101 by my co-worker Tom Limoncelli
  • Advanced Puppet by Garrett Honeycutt
  • SRE Classroom by Caskey Dickson (an SRE at Google)
  • Programming System Tools With Go by Chris McEniry
  • DNSSEC by Alan Clegg
  • Cisco ASAs by Don Crawley
  • Emergency Operations Drills by Adele Shakal
  • Editing with vi by Aleksey Tsalolikhin

And of course, tons of technical talks including:

  • Operations Level Up by Mandi Walls (Chef)
  • Failure is not an option, it’s required by Brian K. Haney (Google)
  • Building a Data center and having capacity next week by John McGlinn (Everett Public Schools)

But I Can’t Make That!

Well, you are in luck..

I’ll be at Techstravaganza in NYC on March 21st talking about the basics of DSC.  

I’ll be talking about DSC in depth at the PowerShell Summit at the end of April.

Then in early May, I’ll be at LOPSA-East with a half-day class on DSC and a few other sessions.

And I’m doing a deep dive into DSC resources at TechMentor in August.