The Microsoft MVP Summit is coming up again (yes, that’s twice this year) and I’m getting prepped to head out to Bellevue.

For this trip, I’ve got a “special offer”.  I’ll be giving away 100 copies of “The Phoenix Project”, thanks to Kevin Behr, Gene Kim, and George Spafford (the authors of the book).

What is “The Phoenix Project”?

Well, a book review deserves a post of its own (and will get it at some point), but the TL;DR; version is “The Phoenix Project” chronicles the story of Bill, an IT Operations manager in an enterprise setting, as enters into an unwilling journey to finding the principals of DevOps.  The book is fictional, but everyone whose been in our field for almost any length of time will identify with the themes and scenarios.

How do I get one?

I’d like to try a couple of things…  I’m getting the books Monday afternoon, so on Tuesday and Wednesday I’ll be giving them away actively.  On Tuesday and Wednesday, I’ll give away 15-20 copies in the morning and 15-20 copies after lunch.  That’ll leave a few copies for random intervals. 

To get your copy, you’ll have to find me (on Twitter I’m @stevenmurawski and I’ll try to keep updated as to where I’m at while I’m giving them away).  

When you find me, I’ll ask you one question - “What does DevOps mean to you?”

After that, if I have a copy of the book left to hand out, it’s yours!

What if I don’t see you or don’t see you until after you are out of books?

Don’t fret, there is a good chance we can figure something out.  If we talk in person, I’ll give you more detail at that time.  I’ll follow up this post after the Summit if there is a lot of outstanding interest.