LISA '12

The 2012 LISA (Large Installation System Administration) Conference is coming up (December 9-14).

If you aren’t familiar with LISA, it is a conference focusing on systems administration topics with a rich history (this is the 26th one).  There are 47 different full or half-day classes to choose from, as well as three days of additional technical sessions across three main themes – Cloud Computing, Super Sysadmin, and IPv6 and DNSSEC.

You’ll find sessions like “Seven Habits of the Highly Effective System Administrator”, “Root Cause Analysis”, “Building a Massively Scalable, Geographically Disparate IaaS Cloud”, “Dude, Where’s My Data?  Replicating and Migrating Data Across Data Centers and Clouds”, “Using and Migrating to IPv6”, and “If You Can’t Monitor It You Can’t Manage It” and tons more ( more about the training program and more about the technical sessions).

I’ll be at LISA this year (my first time there) teaching a half day PowerShell Fundamentals class.  I’m really excited to be going there, as I’ve been hearing rave reviews about this conference for the past three years.

I hope to see you there!