I joined Richard Campbell, the host of Runas Radio to talk about PowerShell V3 and Server 2012.  We had a great conversation and covered some of the improvements and new features in PowerShell V3 and the new cmdlets and support in Server 2012.

What’s RunAs Radio?

RunAs Radio is a weekly internet audio talk show for IT professionals focused on Microsoft products.  They cover a full range of topics from a Microsoft-centric view point.  Each show is about 30 minutes long and is focused on a single topic.

Why Should I Subscribe to the Show?

RunAs Radio provides a great way to keep on top what’s new and changing in systems administration.  They cover topics from SQL Server to IPv6 to System Center to Group Policy to Wireshark and everything in between and in the cloud.  Some of my favorite shows are with some of the Microsoft PFE’s like Clint Huffman and Jeff Stokes, where they cover some performance monitoring and tuning topics.  Even if you don’t work directly with a technology that they discuss, listening will provide you with a basic understanding or familiarity with other things happening in our industry.  In this market, we never know where our jobs or careers are going to take us, so you never know when this information will pay off!

What Are You Waiting For?  Go Subscribe!