This year’s games are in progress, but it’s not too late to start.  Each weekday a new event is posted, but you have a week to turn in your solution, so get out there and start writing some PowerShell.

All the details you need are available from the Scripting Games All In One Links Page, where the Scripting Guy Ed Wilson has thoughtfully provided (and updates daily) links to the events, rules, and other great information.

What Type Of Events Are There?

Well, the first couple of challenges give us an idea..

In the beginner category, you’ll be doing things like:

In the advanced category (should you dare..), you’ll find challenges like:


What’s In It For Me?

The Games are a great way to get hands on with PowerShell in a non-destructive manner.  None of the challenges are going to require you to “format c:”.  You also have a chance to win some prizes, so get out there and try them out!