My friend Robert Robelo was kind enough to point out a problem with the proxies created by the CommandAssist module.

In trying to research the problem, I found that PowerShell crashed ( yes, crashed.. not throwing an error, but CRASHED) when Get-Help could not resolve the command it needed to provide help for.

Setting the Stage

Reproducing the Problem

Create a module that exports a function

$Path = 'c:\users\smurawski\documents\windowspowershell\TestModule.psm1'

$null = new-item $Path -ItemType File -Force -Value @'
function Test-One {

Export-ModuleMember -Function Test-One

Import the module

Import-Module TestModule

Create the proxy module

Get-Module TestModule | 
    New-AssistedModule -ModulePath c:\users\smurawski\documents\windowspowershell\TestAssisted

Import the proxy module

Import-Module TestAssisted

Try to Get-Help for Test-One (shell will crash here)

Get-Help test-one

What’s Happening?

In the proxy command that is generated, there is a help item (ForwardHelpTargetName) that is created to point the help file back to the original command.  Since you could possibly have multiple commands, aliases, and functions with the same name, there is a second help entry (ForwardHelpCategory) that allows you to specify what type of command you are forwarding to.

NOTE:  The following is my opinion of what is happening based on my testing.  I haven’t attached a debugger and watched to verify, but I have tested enough to confirm a workaround.  This occurs in both the ISE and PowerShell.exe.  I have not tested in other scripting environments.

In this case, both the original command and the proxy are functions, so Get-Help goes into a loop until it hits a recursion max and crashes PowerShell. 

Get the Duct Tape

Finding a Workaround

So, how can we get around this?  CommandAssist relies on pointing back to the source command for the help files. 

Fully qualifying the command in the proxy will solve the problem.  I’ve updated the proxy command generation to qualify the command in the ForwardHelpTargetName with the module prefixed name of the source command.

The Downside

If you’ve been playing with CommandAssist, you will want to regenerate your proxies.

Let’s Get This Fixed

Vote it up on Connect!

I don’t know about you, but I would like to see this type of error not crash PowerShell.  I’ve filed a Connect bug and would appreciate if you would head over and vote it up!  The team really does respond to community feedback and Connect is a great way to show that this is important to you!