This year’s Scripting Games is well underway, but there is still time to get involved.

You can submit entries for 7 days after an event was released, so there is still time to participate. 

Definitely Fun, Not all Games…

If you think that the games are just that, think again.  If you are just getting in to PowerShell, the events cover many practical applications.

Beginner Event 1

Identifying Private Builds – Stresses finding information about running processes or executables.

Beginner Event 2

Identifying Services that Will Pause – Stresses finding the capabilities of services and how to control them.

Beginner Event 3

Reporting Event Log Details – Stresses how PowerShell can interact with Event Logs.

Beginner Event 4

Identifying Service Accounts – Stresses how to find what accounts are used by services.

There is Still Time

Get off your feet and sit back down at the keyboard.  These skills are important and will only grow more so with coming versions of Microsoft server applications and releases of Windows.