Back in August, I was offered a chance to make a fool of myself on yet another podcast tremendously honored by the opportunity to talk with Keith Elder and Chris “Woody” Woodruff on their podcast – Deep Fried Bytes – about PowerShell.

Keith and Chris are great guys, very sharp, and asked some good questions.  If you pop over to take a listen to my appearance, make sure to go back and take a look through their archives.  They’ve got 45 other shows, all worthwhile.  (I’m a few podcast behind.. still working through show #37 – where they are talking about Windows Workflow.  Jut to pull in some PowerShell, there is a PowerShell Activity in WF 4.)  I’m quite looking forward to show #44 on soft skills with Brian Prince, as I don’t think we in the tech fields focus enough on these.

If you want to hear more on PowerShell related development, send Keith and Woody some feedback on the show or bother your favorite podcaster to do a show on PowerShell – maybe they’ll ask you to put your Shell where your mouth is…

Check out the show here..