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About PowerShell Script Club

  1. You Always Talk About Script club
    2. You Always Talk About Script Club
    3. If Someone asks for Help, And You Can Help, You Help
    4. Two People Help One Person at One Time
    5. One Module Per Person Per Night
    6. All Scripts, All PowerShell
    7. Scripts will be as short as they can be
    8. If This is your First time at Script Club, You Have to Script

The first Greater Milwaukee PowerShell Script Club is being formed.

The first meeting will be on Tuesday, January 19th at 6:00 PM at the Greenfield Law Enforcement Center (in the Municipal Court Room), 5300 W Layton Ave, Greenfield, WI  53220.  Register here.

All IT Professionals (sysadmins, network admins, developers, help desk, and all others) with any level of experience are welcome.  If you DO NOT KNOW POWERSHELL, but you WANT TO – This is the place.

Pizza and soda will be provided, but please bring a laptop with PowerShell installed (version 1 or 2 is fine).

What is a Script Club?

Andy Schneider describes a script club:

Script Clubs are like a hands on lab with no set topic or teacher. You bring an idea for a script, and ask your fellow PowerShell users for help getting the script written.

This is not a lecture or presentation based group (though we may have presentations from time to time).  Script Club is focused on creating working scripts that will help you get your work done or just enjoy yourself.

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