Steven Murawski

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New Beginnings

Where I was...

Friday was my last day with Edgenet, where I've worked as a senior sysadmin for the past two years. Edgenet has been a great environmement to work in. The IT team was top notch and we got to work with all sorts of great, bleeding edge tech (we had Windows Server 2012 in production since the Developer Preview). I got to play with large geo clusters and a significant Hyper-V implentation. I'm very grateful for the time I had there and the great team I worked with.

Where I'm going...

Today, I start in my new role as a sysadmin for the StackExchange family of sites, including ServerFault and StackOverflow. I've been a user of StackOverflow since the early private beta days. I'll be joining a team of great sysadmins (Kyle, George, Pete, and Bart), several of which I came to know at the PICC conference over the past couple of years. More to come as I find my way in my new role.